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From November 2020, I will be welcoming new life into my page. In order to create a diverse and more engaging blog, I need cooperation. Are you interested in submitting one of your articles to Keep reading and learn more about the guest post initiative!

Why you should submit an article:

  • Reach a completely new audience and gain visibility
  • Your account and article will get promoted on the official Instagram and Facebook channels
  • Redirect readers to your own website with a link in your article
  • Improve your website’s SEO by obtaining a free backlink to your website, ranking it higher in search engines
  • Connect with a community of like-minded people
  • Gain credibility by featuring your work on a new site

Your article must however, be suitable and relevant to a certain extent. It should be either related to Marbella, the Costa del Sol, Andalusia, or Spain as a whole. Interested in submitting a guest post? DM us on Instagram or email me at .

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Some background info:

I’m glad you’ve found my website! Whether you are Marbella’s biggest fan or have never visited this wonderful city, this page is for you. Filled with articles and information about the best places to go, and much, much more to come.

This page isn’t just an ordinary travel guide though; there is a goal, an objective that we should all work towards. You may contribute just by telling your friends, or sending us an email with an interesting story or anecdote about Marbella. By simply engaging with the content, or even just reading it once in a while. I’d like to show the many faces of Marbella. Not just the luxury and glamour, even though that also plays a part, but the hidden gems, the community, the problems and the achievements of the people of our city. However, I need your help! Please share this website and put your grain of sand in raising awareness. Eventually, everyone should say ‘Ja’ to Marbella!