Spain’s prime minister, Pedro Sánchez, announced that Spain prepares to open its borders to international tourism in July. As the Spanish football league, La Liga, opens on June 8 and provinces progress through the phases, the government has decided to reopen in July. It is crucial for the economy as, when the tourism market in Spain is operating normally, it generates a weekly income of 5 billion. While no specific date has been announced yet, we have to wait and the government has to evaluate the situation in order to decide an opening day.

While health is still a priority, Spain is willing to take extreme precautions and plan meticulously in order to get it done. A reopening would mean many businesses suffer less and it could be a major turnaround for business owners on the brink of bankruptcy.

In Marbella, there are mixed reviews about the developments. Many are happy to see tourism return to the now struggling coastal city. However, numerous citizens are worried about the consequences and concerned about their health and the potential safety hazard. This is exactly why everyone is working hard to come up with innovative solutions so that we do not have to choose between health and business, but can have a combination of the two.

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Jochem Kooloos

Jochem Kooloos

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