Madrid has been met with outrage from their Andalusian counterparts after suggesting introducing €500-€3000 fees for a stamp for businesses, which will suggest customers their locations are “covid-free”, meaning they comply with the specific new rules and regulations. They will have to adapt to a new workflow and protocol in order to apply, but might have to pay for the stamp if the proposal becomes a reality.

The stamp would provide customers with the confidence they seek and will help business owners in need kick-start their business after the lockdown. However, many believe it is the Spanish government who should pay for this, considering most employers are already in huge trouble.

Marbella is furious and so is the rest of Andalusia

Many companies in Marbella are struggling with the pressure of the lockdown, some attempting to cut the losses with ingenious ideas and offers in order to make it through this difficult time. They probably do not have a spare €500, let alone €3000. Andalusians believe the proposed idea is unacceptable and unfair. The chance said proposal will become a reality is now much smaller, since many have complained about the idea and said that it is unrealistic.

Madrid is losing Andalusian confidence and respect; such fee introduction would lead to a downfall for the government’s reputation in the south, something which they are likely to want to prevent at all costs.

Jochem Kooloos

Jochem Kooloos

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