After a drastic turn of events, a decision on progression to phase 1 will be made on the 16th of May. Marbella is eager to hear what is going to happen, as many restaurant and hotel owners were shocked to hear the change of plans.

Before the Lockdown

Sitting down and enjoying a cup of coffee or a cold beer is now a thought far-fetched, but that doesn’t mean the situation will change soon. Marbella is proud to say that in the last week, there have been no new infections and only 2 patients remain at the ICU in Costa del Sol hospital. The city is healing, but habits don’t seem to change.

Many restaurant owners feel Marbella is ready to take the next step. Health officials in Madrid believe Málaga province isn’t.

A packed Paseo Marítimo during the allowed time slots is risky, but people seem to be learning that it is not the way forward. The city needs to reopen and several more extensions could lead to even more damage to workers and employers.

It all comes down to everyone’s behaviour and the decision next Saturday.

Jochem Kooloos

Jochem Kooloos

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