The paseo offers a huge variety of restaurants and bars, providing the possibility to take a culinary tour through the lower situated neighbourhood which borders the seafront. A great suburb of central Marbella with a traditional yet trendy vibe. Marbella’s lighthouse, the ‘Faro de Marbella’ marks the most iconic part of the inner city’s coastline. Surrounded by a small park and several restaurants and cafés, it marks the central spot of the city’s atmosphere. The vibe when walking along the paseo is great; lively yet relaxing, the coastline is essential to the overall experience.

Walking along Marbella’s Paseo Marítimo, you will realise the true beauty of its subtropical coastline and contemporary beachfront. The boardwalk is a major asset to the city and provides a place to relax, exercise or be entertained. With spectacular views of the Morrocan mountains and Gibraltar, it can be a great location to visit, for an afternoon stroll or a day on the beach.

Jochem Kooloos

Jochem Kooloos

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